The BIOTECH Building, which was initially called the Ferdinand E. Marcos Center for Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology, is located inside the 77.7 hectare Agricultural and Life Sciences Complex at UP Los Baños
BIOTECH staff and officials celebrate the 2016 UPLB Loyalty Day in full force
BIOTECH products are cost-effective and cheaper alternatives to conventional products, making use of locally available materials which are safer to the environment
The BIOTECH Central Analytical Services Laboratory (CASL) was formally awarded the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accreditation on September 1, 2014. Then UPLB Chancellor Dr. Rex Victor O. Cruz together with CASL Staff headed by Dr. Veronica P. Migo and important guests.
The BIOTECH Philippine National Collection of Microorganisms (PNCM) was formally awarded ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accreditation last January 28, 2015. Present were Vice Chancellor Prof. Rex Demafelis, BIOTECH Director at the time Dr. Reynaldo Ebora, PAB-DTI OIC Dir. Ernani Dionisio, PNCM Head Dr. Rosario Monsalud, Chancellor Dr. Fernando C. Sanchez, Jr., and PAB DTI Mngr – Laboratory Accreditation Perla F. Baje.
BIOTECH welcomes participants of the Enhancing Development of Global Entrepreneur (EDGE) program under the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT)

biotech logoThe National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (BIOTECH) offers its Research, Development and Extension (RDE) strategies to provide Filipinos with safer, nutritious and cheaper food, medicinal and health promoting ingredients, sustainable and clean industrial technologies, and new/efficient sources of renewable energy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  BIOTECH is the premier national research and development (R&D) institution applying traditional and modern biotechnologies in innovating products, processes, testing and analytical services for agriculture, health, energy, industry and the environment.

BIOTECH products bag awards at Japan alumni conference


Two innovative BIOTECH products won awards and certificates at the 22nd Conference of the ASEAN Council of Japan Alumni (ASCOJA) held on Sept. 30–Oct. 2 at the E-City Hotel@One City in Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.The agricultural product innovations presented by two Japan-trained BIOTECH researchers, Dr. Mannix S. Pedro and Dr. Marilyn B. Brown, "Bioorganic Fertilizers: Working with Microbes for Agricultural Production Sufficiency" and "Increasing Crop Productivity with Vesicular Asbuscular Mycorrhizal Root Inoculant (VAMRI)" won the ASCOJA invention award gold and silver medals, respectively.

 VAMRI serves as biofertilizer and biocontrol agent of soil-borne diseases of various crops. Consisting of chopped dried corn roots, this inoculant contains helper fungi that assist the roots in taking up water and nutrients such as phosphorus and zinc. With the application of VAMRI, the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides will be largely reduced, leading to substantial savings on the use of chemical fertilizer while increasing crop yield.

Bioorganic fertilizers, on the other hand, refer to inoculated compost derived from BIOTECH’s composting technology which offers an efficient bioconversion of agro-industrial wastes into useful products. The process involves the use of Bioquick, a fungal inocula, which is used to convert organic wastes effectively into organic fertilizers. This is then added with Biofix (a nitrogen fixing bacteria) to serve as a quality organic fertilizer product called Biogreen, which refers to the processed inoculated compost.

The ASCOJA conference, themed "ASEAN-Japan: Bridging Cultural Ties in Trade, Tourism and Technology" was attended by 400 registered delegates from the eleven ASCOJA chapter-members including 44 participants representing the Philippine Federation of Japan Alumni (PHILFEJA) led by its president, Dr. Jose V. Camacho, Jr., dean of the UPLB Graduate School.  In 2015, the conference was successfully hosted by PHILJEJA in Manila.

ASCOJA is comprised by major alumni organizations in all the 10 ASEAN countries of former graduates, scholars, students, and trainees of Japanese universities, schools and training institutions. It is one of the major conduits for scholarships and exchange programs between Japan and ASEAN.

The Philippine Federation of Japan Alumni (PHILFEJA) is a founding member association of ASCOJA.