Eldrin De Los Reyes Arguelles, University Researcher I, has been chosen as UPLB's Outstanding Researcher in the Natural Sciences, Junior REPS Category for 2018
Ms. Adora M. de Castro, Lab Tech II, is UPLB's Outstanding Administrative Personnel, Technician Category for 2018
BIOTECH staff and officials celebrate the 2016 UPLB Loyalty Day in full force
Dr. Alcantara has contributed significantly to the implementation of a proactive approach to insect resistance management for transgenic maize in the Philippines.
Dr. Aggangan has contributed significantly to researches on mycorrhizal fungi as an alternative to chemical fertilizers for reforestation species; development and commercialization of MYKOVAM.
The BIOTECH Building, which was initially called the Ferdinand E. Marcos Center for Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology, is located inside the 77.7 hectare Agricultural and Life Sciences Complex at UP Los Baños
BIOTECH products are cost-effective and cheaper alternatives to conventional products, making use of locally available materials which are safer to the environment
Awarding of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Services (QMS) to BIOTECH
Dr. Mercado was awarded as KKP-STI Distinguished Achievement Award in Extension




Dr.Alcantara named as UPLB's Outstanding Researcher for 2017

Dr. Edwin P. Alcantara, UP Scientist I and Program Leader of BIOTECH’S Biotechnology for Natural Products Program, was named as UPLB’s Outstanding Researcher under the Natural Sciences, Senior REPS category for 2017. He was recognized for his significant contributions in the implementation of a proactive approach to insect resistance management for transgenic maize in the Philippines.

Dr. Alcantara has studied how the insecticidal protein of Bacillus Thuringiensis (Bt) disrupts the digestive process of corn’s insect pest and because of this he was able to contribute to the development of Bt corn. His research about the biochemical and molecular characteristics of Asian corn borer were instrumental in current insect resistant management of said pests. While his USAID-funded project also quashed misconceptions that direct exposure to Bt corn could harm beneficial insects. He also proved how BT crystal proteins could target the digestive system of pests that feed on rice. He was instrumental in instituting the Natural Products Program of BIOTECH. This Program has been using computer technologies to discover insecticides that would help maintain the integrity of crops.

Dr. Alcantara earned his PhD and MS in Entomology from the Ohio State University in 1997 and UPLB in 1990, respectively.


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