BioGroe is a solid-based promoter that contains growth-promoting bacteria. These root-associated bacteria influence and promote root growth by producing plant hormones and provide nutrients in soluble form. 

Quantity: 100 g/pack

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place

Shelf-life: 6 months

Precaution: Avoid exposure to high temperature and direct sunlight

SECTOR: Agriculture


1.     How was BioGroe developed? 

Developed in 2004 to address the cost and environmental effects of chemical fertilizers, BIOTECH and DOST partnered to produce growth promoter microbial inoculants that will help reduce the application of inorganic fertilizers. 

Research was conducted by BIOTECH researchers led by Dr. Erlinda S. Paterno. 

2.     What are the benefits of using BioGroe? 

  • Enhanced growth and development
  • Increased productivity of crops
  • Reduced use of toxic or environmentally damaging chemicals or fertilizers

3.     Is BioGroe for sale at BIOTECH? How much does it cost?

BioGroe is sold at Php60 per 200 g.

4.     How do you use BioGroe?


  • Place seeds in a container and moisten with water
  • Add the contents of the packet to the seeds. Mix well. 
  • Sow the seeds as soon as possible

Ornamentals and other cut plants

  • Prepare 1:1 dilution of BioGroe water 100 g/100 ml
  • Dip the tip of the cuttings for at least 5 minutes in the prepared 1:1 suspension before planting


Ma. Theresa Jonna A. Atienza, M.Sc. 

University Researcher 


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