Mykovam is a soil-based biofertilizer which has effective species of fungi that assist the plant in the absorption of water and nutrients. The fungi can prevent root infection and increase plant tolerance to drought and heavy metals.

Quantity: 1kg/pack

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place

Shelf-life: 1 year in room temperature, 2 years at 4°C from date of manufacture 

Precaution: Avoid direct contact to high temperature and direct sunlight.


Plant/Tree Species on which to apply Mykovam

  • Reforestation species (narra, acaia, gmelina and mahogany) except clipterocarps
  • Fruit trees (guava, rambutan, papaya, citrus, banana, lanzones, coffee, guyabano and mango)]
  • Commercial tree plantations (rubber trees, coconut and oil palms)
  • Agricultural crops such as upland rice, corn, tomato, eggplant, onion, garlic, pepper, cassava and sweet potato

Limitation: Cannot be used on crops belonging to the crucifers/cabbage family (cabbage, pechay, mustard, and lowland rice).

SECTOR: Agriculture


1.     How was Mykovam developed?

The development of Mykovam technology started in 1988 through a research project on mycorrhiza led by Dr. Reynaldo Dela Cruz.

2.     What are the benefits of using Mykovam?

  • Replaces about 60-85% of the plant’s chemical fertilizer requirement.
  • Improves soil properties and fertility.
  • Promotes absorption of water and nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen and zinc.
  • Increases yield with sweeter and better tasting fruit.
  • Environment-friendly and highly applicable to organic farming.
  • Results to vigorous and better-nourished plants which are more resistant to pests and diseases

3.     Is Mykovam for sale at BIOTECH? How much does it cost?

Mykovam is sold at Php100 per kilogram.

4.     How do you use Mykovam

For seedlings grown in pots or containers: 

Half-fill the containers with the potting medium. Place 2.5 grams (about 1⁄2 teaspoon) of Mykovam at the center of the pot. Fill again with the potting medium. The seedlings can now be transplanted.

As a layer in germination box:

Put Mykovam (as a layer) in the germination medium. Sow the seeds directly on top of it.

As soil in marcotting:

Mykovam can be used as a replacement for soil in marcotting. The mycorrhizal fungi enhance root development. 

For feed application:

Apply Mykovam by hand under the furrows at 20 grams per linear meter prior to seeding or transplanting.


Dr. Nelly S. Aggangan

Scientist I and Project Leader

E-mail: [email protected]

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