Bio-organic Fertilizers (BOF)

BOF are natural fertilizers from agro-industrial wastes produced by farm and industry activities. BIOTECH’s BOFs use crop residues and agro-industrial by-products such as coconut coir dust, mud press, animal manure, other similar materials and process them into refined inoculated compost or bio-organic fertilizers.

The inoculants may be applied on the following agriculture and agro-industrial wastes: chicken, swine, or cattle manure combined with farm wastes such as rice straw, coffee hulls, corn stover, grass cuttings, leaves, and other plant residues; or with agro-industrial wastes such as sugarcane bagasse or mud press.

BIO-QUICK – contains a special fungus for effective decomposition of household and agro-industrial wastes.

BIO-FIX – enhances and enriches the nutritive content and effectivity of the BOF

BIO-GREEN – derived from farm and industrial wastes and composted by selected strains of fungus (BIO-QUICK) and enriched with nitrogen-fixing bacteria (BIO-FIX)


BIO-QUICK and BIO-FIX are both 1kg per pack.

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place.


BIO-QUICK – 2 months from date of manufacture

BIO-FIX – 6 months from date of manufacture

Precaution: Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

SECTOR : Agriculture


How was the BOF inoculant developed?

There are plenty of farm and agro-industrial wastes in the Philippines. If utilized properly, these could be a rich source of natural fertilizers.

In 1991, BIOTECH developed a technology to process crop residues and agro-industrial by-products such as coconut coir dust, mud press, animal manure, and other similar materials, into refined inoculated compost or bioorganic fertilizers.

What are the benefits of using BOF inoculant?
  • The processed BOF can increase yield by up to 20-30%, makes plants healthier and improves soil quality.
  • The process of producing BOF is a sound waste management strategy.
  • Promotes homogeneity in humification; increased population of beneficial nitrogen-fixing bacteria.
  • Produces matured, stabilized, and sanitized compost.
  • Eliminates phytotoxic effects.
  • Optimizes the level of nutrients in the fertilizer.
How do you use the BOF inoculant?
  • BIO-QUICK is used at a minimum of 2 packs per ton of waste materials to be composted. Mix 1 part plant residues to 2-3 parts animal wastes. Adjust moisture content to 50-60%.
  • Apply BIO-QUICK by mixing/broadcasting the materials to be composted and laid out or formed into a heap.
  • Mix or turn over the heap every week. After 3 weeks, the heap’s volume will be reduced by 20- 30%.
  • A minimum of 2 packs of BIO-FIX is necessary to inoculate one ton of composted wastes that is further incubated for another week during the curing period.


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