A yeast biocontrol agent of pre and postharvest diseases of high-value vegetables and fruit crops to reduce or even eliminate the use of chemical-based treatments of postharvest diseases for sustainable organic agriculture.

Fermented Plant Juice (FPJ)

A high-quality biological extract from the leaves of Madre de cacao fermented with selected microbial consortia with functional attributes such as nitrogen-fixer, phosphate solubilizer, and plant-growth promoting hormone. This biological extract has been proven to be effective in increasing the yield of vegetables, with significant decrease in utilization of chemical...

Monascus Red Colorant

Monascus red colorant is a microbial-based red coloring that may be used for food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical applications. It is safe, non-toxic, and non-mutagenic substitute to dangerous synthetic red coloring used in the market. This colorant has high anti-oxidant activity and contains cholesterol lowering compound. Patterned after centuries of long...


Phospholink is a microbial-based phosphate solubilizing inoculant. This can be used for agricultural crops such as rice (upland), corn, mung beans, banana sugarcane, eggplant, onion, chili pepper, cassava, legumes (such as string beans, peanut, soybean), bitter gourd, pepper, okra and tomato.  Benefits Decreases the needs for chemical fertilizersProtects the crops...


MicroMix (Microbial Stimulant for Plants) a microbial consortia that enhances the root system of bitter gourd and bell pepper leading to better growth and over 15% increase in yield.


Hi-Yeast is a non-toxic natural pesticide providing effective control against major pathogens affecting mangoes, onions, peanuts, bananas, garlic and citrus fruits.

Specialty Fats and Oils

Specialty Fats and Oils are oils from local seeds and nuts extracted and tailored through biotechnology for enhanced medical and nutritional properties. 


Biosol-P is a microbial inoculant fertilizer for corn. Biosol-P is a microbial inoculant fertilizer for corn. Biosol-P is a microbial inoculant fertilizer for corn.


Mykorich is a soil-less mycorrhizal-based fertilizer in capsule or powder form depending on the preference of farmers.