Laguna province promotes UPLB-BIOTECH’s biofertilizers, biostimulants, and microbial pesticides for sustainable agriculture

With the mission of disseminating the potential of biofertilizers for sustainable agriculture, BIOTECH’s Program for Agriculture and Forestry (BAFP) introduced its well-researched and developed technologies to around 150 farmers and Local Government Unit(LGU) constituents from different municipalities in the province of Laguna last 1-2 March 2023 in a training seminar held at the Laguna Agricultural Trading Center (LATC) in  Calauan, Laguna.

Provincial Governor Ramil L. Hernandez emphasized the importance of biofertilizers for the farmers of Laguna, highlighting its economic benefits and positive impact on crop yield as well as in soil health. He encouraged the widespread adoption of these technologies to enhance agricultural sustainability and economic growth in the province. The activity was also graced by Provincial Agriculturist of Laguna Marlon P. Tobias who extended his gratitude to the BAFP team and UPLB-BIOTECH.

In the training proper, University Researchers Julieta A. Anarna and Dr. Jean Louise C. Damo first discussed the nitrogen fixing microbial inoculants Bio N and NitroPlus. University Researchers Christian Oliver A. Kalaw, Emer C. Gestiada, and Dr. Jocelyn T. Zarate also introduced the effective mycorrhizal inoculants VAMRI, MYKOVAM, and MykoPlus, respectively.

Other technologies tackled in the activity were:

  • • the efficacy of Bio-Y in the control of post-harvest diseases in mangoes; the importance of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) and its advantages when used in agricultural practices; MicroMix which is a microbial mix that enhances the root system of ampalaya (bitter gourd) and bell pepper by Deputy Director for Research and Extension Dr. Mannix S. Pedro
  • • the benefits of BioGroe in promoting root growth by producing plant hormones and providing nutrients in soluble form by University Researcher Christian Oliver A. Kalaw
  • • microbial-based inoculants Oryzinc and Maizinc which consists of efficient bacteria that can solubilize insoluble forms of zinc that improves yield and growth of rice and corn by University Researcher Robert A. Nepomuceno
  • • potassium-mobilizing inoculant for corn K-SolB by University Research Associate Jonalyn M. Mangaban
  • • composting technologies Bio-Organic Fertilizers (BOF), which are natural fertilizers from agro-industrial wastes produced by farm and industry activities, by University Researcher Lovely B. Willauer; and Nature’s Way Compost Activator, which is a blend of naturally occurring microorganisms that help manage organic wastes from kitchen and gardens, by University Researcher Dr. Jocelyn T. Zarate

On the second day of the training workshop, University Researcher Vita A. Pacia and BIOTECH Librarian Maria Lynette B. Aquino facilitated the hands-on session on the practical application of the biofertilizers. The demonstration included seed coating, inoculation on seedlings and trees, utilizing spraying and drenching techniques, and inoculation of the composting technologies.

UPLB Vice Chancellor for Research and Extension Dr. Nathaniel C. Bantayan in his address for the farmers of Laguna elaborated on UPLB’s efforts in supporting the agricultural sector of the nation.

Dr. Marilyn B. Brown, who was BIOTECH Director during the time, expressed her appreciation to the Agriculture Office of Calauan, Laguna, and emphasized BIOTECH’s initiatives as being true to its mission of creating impactful technologies for the agricultural sector.

Overall, the farmers and local government officials expressed their support to the showcased technologies and expressed eagerness to engage in future collaborations with BIOTECH. (Jonalyn M. Mangaban)

Featured photo credit: Provincial Information Office of Laguna