Biotechnology for Industry, Energy, and Environment Program (BIEEP)

The BIEEP aims to address environmental problems and mitigate effects of climate change by developing technologies and sustainable strategies. Its efforts include production of bioethanol and biodiesel from renewable resources; use of microorganisms for the degradation of plastics; plastic-related compounds and plastic containing packaging materials; microbial degradation of oily/lipid-containing agro-industrial wastes; production of biomass and biomolecules (biosurfactants, enzymes) from yeasts for industrial and environmental applications; and development of microbial-based technologies for agro-industrial waste management. The program also provides technical assistance to the industry for environmental management.



Francisco B. Elegado, PhD
Scientist II
Johnry S. Maloles, MSc
University Researcher II
Kristine Rose M. Ramos, PhD
University Researcher II
Ma. Roselette A. Rubianes, MSc
University Researcher II
Fidel Rey P. Nayve, Jr., PhD
Research Assistant Professor 6


Elaine Anne L. Elmido
Laboratory Technician III
Jonathan V. Toma Cruz
Laboratory Technician III
Analiza C. Dote
Laboratory Technician II