BIOTECH researchers have developed a range of biofertilizers that strengthen crops’ immunity against pests and diseases, thus contributing to increasing harvest of the farmer. These technologies are results of decades of scientific research that aim to provide cost effective and environment friendly agriculture inputs.

For more information about biofertilizers and other products of BIOTECH, please visit the Products page.

Below are some of BIOTECH’s biofertilizers for farmers:

  • BioGroe – plant growth promoter of vegetables and ornamentals
  • Bio N – microbial-based fertilizer for rice, corn, and vegetables
  • Bio-organic Fertilizers – natural fertilizers from agro-industrial wastes
  • Brown Magic – growth enhancer and biocontrol of root diseases of various orchid species
  • Mycogroe – tree vitamin for forest trees and commercial plantation
  • MykoPlus – soil-based microbial plant growth promoter 
  • Mykovam – soil-based biofertilizer for fruit trees, agricultural crops, reforestation species, and ornamentals
  • NitroPlus – nitrogen supplement for legumes
  • Nutrio – foliar spray biofertilizer for sugarcane
  • VAM Root Inoculant (VAMRI) – biofertilizer for agricultural and horticultural crops, trees and ornamentals