Bio N

Bio N is a microbial based fertilizer mainly composed of microorganisms (bacteria) isolated from the roots of talahib (Saccharum spontaneum). These bacteria can convert atmospheric nitrogen (N₂) into a form that is usable by rice, corn, and vegetables and enhances shoot growth and root development.

Bio N™ comes in powder form in a handy 200-gram packet, which is meant for either seed inoculation, direct broadcasting over seeds or mixed with water as root dip.

As of 6 March 2023, Bio N™ has been exclusively licensed to AgriSpecialist, Inc. to improve access for farmers in need of safe, effective, and low cost fertilizer.

Quantity:  200 g/pack

Storage: Keep in cool dry place

Shelf-life: Ten months

Precaution: Avoid direct contact of Bio N™ with inorganic or chemical fertilizers and avoid exposure to high temperature and direct sunlight.

Rate of application:

  • Rice - 5 packs/ha
  • Corn - 6 packs/ha
  • Vegetable - 20 packs/ha
SECTOR : Agriculture
UPLB-BIOTECH's Bio N biofertilizer: Ricky Mabunga
Farmer-businessman from Isabela Mr. Ricky Mabunga talks about BIOTECH’s biofertilizer for rice and corn, Bio N.
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How was Bio N developed?

Research on Bio N was initiated in 1985 by Dr. Mercedes U. Garcia. The microorganisms from talahib were continuously screened under laboratory conditions and were found to be effective in enhancing nitrogen intake of plants. Laboratory tests and field experiments showed that it has improved the growth and yield of crops such as rice and corn. These experiments were then followed by screening tests in dry land and paddy conditions.

What are the benefits of using Bio N?
  • Replaces 30-50% of the total nitrogen requirement of rice and corn.
  • Increases yield of rice, corn, and vegetables.
  • Makes plants healthy and green even in drought and in the presence of pests.
  • Reduces incidence of rice tungro and corn ear-worm attack.
How do you use Bio N?

For corn:

  1. One packet is good for 3-kg seeds in a container, moisten with water and put enough amount of Bio N™.
  2. Mix thoroughly until the seeds are evenly coated.
  3. Sow coated seeds immediately.  Do not expose the seeds to sunlight.
  4. Apply a bag of 46-0-0 or 14-14-14 to a hectare as side dress.

For rice:

1. As solid inoculant for direct-seeded rice or for sowing on dapog bed:
   a. Pre-germinated the seeds in gunny sacks or suitable container.  When redicles come out, place the seeds / germinants in suitable container.

b. Pour the required amount of Bio N™. Make sure that all germinants

1. As liquid  inoculant for dapog bed: Mix Bio N™ in a sufficient  volume of clean water and evenly drench the seed/seedling-lined dapog bed.

1. As slurry for transplant seeding:
a. In a container, mix Bio N™ with water to form a slurry.
b. Prune the roots of seedlings and dip for at least 30 minutes or 1 hour. Transplant.



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