Brown Magic

Brown Magic is a biofertilizer for orchids that helps provide the nutrients necessary for growth and development. It also serves as a biological control agent against root infection and other harmful pests and diseases.

Quantity: 30g/pack

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place

Shelf-life: One year from date of manufacture

Precaution: Avoid exposure to high temperature and direct sunlight

SECTOR : Agriculture


How was Brown Magic developed?

Developed in 1997, Brown Magic is a mycorrhizal fungal inoculant that is utilized as biological fertilizer and bio-control agent of root diseases of orchids. Application of Brown Magic increases survival and growth of in- vitro cultured orchid and reduces transplant shock from in-vitro to in-vivo conditions

What are the benefits of using Brown Magic?
  • Increases survival growth of in-vitro cultured orchid seedlings and reduces transplant shock from in-vitro conditions.
  • Promotes healthier, greener, and more vigorous growth in orchid seedlings.
  • Promotes growth of more suckers and bigger leaf area.
  • Stimulates earlier growth of more flowers and prolongs the blossoms.
  • Increases tolerance and resistance of plants against pathogens and diseases.
  • Replaces use of synthetic chemical fertilizer.
  • Application is done only once.
  • Easy to use.
How do you use Brown Magic?

Brown Magic is placed just below the roots of orchid seedlings or incorporated with the potting medium consisting of charcoal and chopped fern chips. This is done during repotting activity (when the tissue cultured seedlings are transferred in composts).


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