MykoPlus is a solid-based microbial plant growth promoter with effective strains of microorganisms that help plant roots absorb more nutrients and water from the soil, resulting in enhanced crop growth and yield.

Quantity: 200 g per pack

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place

Shelf-life: 10 months from date of manufacture

Precaution: Do not mix directly with chemical fertilizers and avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

SECTOR : Agriculture


How was MykoPlus developed?

Developed in 2013, MykoPlus is a microbial inoculant that contains beneficial bacteria and fungi that help plants take up and absorb nutrients and water from soil more efficiently.

The symbiotic action of the microorganisms provide additional nutrients through biological Nitrogen fixation, phosphorus solubilization, and growth hormone secretion.

What are the benefits of using MykoPlus?
  • Good seed germination
  • Good root development
  • Better growth of plants
  • More grain and fruit yield
  • Savings on chemical fertilizer
  • Easy to use, safe and environment friendly
How do you use MykoPlus?

Basal – coated onto seeds

Transplanting – plant roots dipped in MykoPlus solution or apply MykoPlus powder onto soil prior transplanting

Sprayed/watered – MykoPlus solution (1 pack:16 L water) either sprayed or watered onto plants

Sample application

Corn: 9 packs per hectare

Sowing: 7 packs coated on seeds

3rd week: Spray 1 pack: 16 L water

5th week: Spray 1 pack: 16 L water

Rice: 9 packs per hectare

Soak palay seeds overnight in a drum with 5 packs: 250 L water

Transplanting: 4 packs + 4 L water (slurry), roots are dipped prior to transplanting

Other crops/manners of use:

  • Mixed in germination medium
  • Coated onto tubers and or planting materials
  • Incorporated in marcotting, vermicompost/composts, etc.
  • Incorporated around base of large trees