ACTICon® is a safe, natural biopesticide for Cavendish banana. It increases the plant’s vigor and yield by protecting it from the deadly Panama wilt, a disease that has proven lethal against bananas particularly the Cavendish variety.

It is meant to serve as a replacement for synthetic chemical pesticides that have harmful side-effects on the environment and human health.

Quantity: 200g per pack

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place

SECTOR : Agriculture


What are the benefits of using Acticon?
  • Controls Fusarium wilt infestation
  • Lowers mortality rate in banana plantations
  • Improve plant height, girth, and fruit yield
  • Reduces the use of chemical pesticides
  • Safe for farmers and
How do you use Acticon?

Acticon is mixed with water to form a solution. Prior to planting, submerge the roots of the planting material in the Acticon solution and sprinkle it over the soil. [SM2]


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