ImmunoDefense Aqua

ImmunoDefense Aqua is a probiotics feed supplement for aquaculture animals. It has live microorganisms that have a beneficial effect on the aquatic animal by modifying and improving its the microbial community. This probiotic product can help reduce the importation of feed additives such as antibiotic.

Benefits of using ImmunoDefense Aqua

• Enhances animal immunity or response towards disease.
• Enhances nutritional value of the feed.
• Improves the quality of the animal’s ambient environment.

UPLB-BIOTECH's ImmunoDefense Aqua: Technology Developer Nico Dumandan
University Researcher and Project Leader Nico Dumandan explains the use and benefits of BIOTECH’s ImmunoDefense Aqua probiotics for aquaculture.
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UPLB-BIOTECH's ImmunoDefense Aqua: Eliazar De Guzman
Businessman Eliazar De Guzman talks about the BIOTECH’s ImmunoDefense Aqua used in his tilapia hatchery in Nueva Vizcaya.
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