Biotechnology for Agriculture and Forestry Program (BAFP)

The BAFP program undertakes research on biofertilizers, plant growth regulators, biostimulants, nanobiosensors, and animal vaccines. These innovative products and technologies are a huge stride in advancing market competitiveness of agricultural produce and increased revenue contributing to significant socio-economic impact to stakeholders. The BAFP products and technologies are intended to address agricultural sustainability while reducing costs of production.


Produces mycorrhiza and bacterial components of MykoPlus biofertilizer. The laboratory also collaborates with local government units and farmers for the use of the technology. It conducts functional characterization of microbes isolated from Mt. Makiling Forest Reserve and Mine waste sites, and develops other technological products for use in agriculture and environment clean up.

Develops and formulates nanobiosensors for diagnostics, nanobiopesticide for the control of plant pathogens, nano-plant growth regulator for crop production and propagation, nanofertilizers for improved nutrient uptake by plants, metallic nanoparticles by plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPB) isolated from Philippine soil.



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