Biotechnology for Food, Feeds, and Specialty Products Program (BFFSPP)

The BFFSPP transforms raw materials into high-value products. Current activities include the development, production, and application of detection kits for food, feed, and waterborne pathogens, tailored fats and oils, food enzymes, industrial enzymes, biopreservatives, functional food production, and bioprocessing of agricultural and industrial by-products into animal feeds. The program also offers Salmonella detection, enzyme activity assay, and antioxidant assay, among others.


Produces new, improved, and safe food products through transformation of raw materials by biotechnological approaches. These include development of processes and technologies to produce ingredients such as functional metabolites and microbial enzyme that are important in nutrition upgrading, sensory improvement and yield enhancement of foods as well as ensure food safety for the consumers.

Offers technical services for the analyses of enzymes submitted by government and private individuals. The laboratory may also be involved in collaborative research works on enzymes with other programs/laboratories as the need arises. It also produces the BIOTECH Monascus red colorant, a natural colorant for food and nutraceuticals; and conducts trainings for its use and application.

Conducts molecular biotechnology and microbial genetics research involving genetic characterization, and identification of molecular markers of microbial resource. It also develops biotechnological products on molecular-based detection of foodborne/waterborne pathogenic microorganisms and screening and identification of antimicrobial compound producing bacteria. The laboratory provides services and technical assistance in PCR-based detection of foodborne pathogens using the BIOTECH-developed DAS kits for E. coli, S. aureus, and Salmonella.



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